Greetings NGN Fans!  Let us start by thanking each and everyone that has visited the site and interacted with us.  We truly appreciate you dedication and support.  With your help NGN has been a big success in its first year of existence.  Though we aren’t where we want to be just yet, we are making great strides in the industry and we hope further our brand and our presence in the video gaming community in 2012.  Again a huge thank you to our readers, fans, contributors and commentators, we love you!

NGN has some big plans in the works including a continuation of the podcast and a really big Best of 2011 show coming up just after the New Year.  We also have more interviews, tons of review and new features for you so there is a lot to look forward to in the New Year.  Stay tuned!

Finally, you may have noticed that we slowed down on the podcasting recently and there is a very good reason for that.  Pilot just got married!  With all the wedding planning, moving to a new place, and various activities related to either of those life changing events.  The amount of time available to do the podcast was limited and because of that we just had to take a break.  Since Pilot just got married, the honeymoon is coming up and so we decided to take a temporary hiatus until he gets back right before Christmas.  For the next 3 weeks the daily work day posting will cease barring an occasional update from Jose.  Please bear with us but we promise once the hiatus is over we will get back to work bringing you the content you’ve come to expect from NGN plus lots of new and exciting things to come.

Again thanks to all for supporting NGN and contributing to its success.  We hope you all come back and see us in a few weeks.

About The Author

Joe Marchese is the founder / Editor in Chief of New Gamer Nation. He has been a gamer for his whole life but has been focusing on his passion to deliver the industry's new to New Gamer Nation. He is an expert of video game culture and has been featured on Fox News Online. Don't be shy to reach out and let him know what you think!

  • Congrats on a successful 2011 and congrats on the wedding Pilot! GL to both of us in the new year!