A new gameplay video from Capcom was released today, showing off one of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition’s five playable characters. Lady is featured in here, in all of her second amendment glory. Take a look at the video below:

Lady’s combat style is focused on using guns and other ranged attacks. She has her signature weapon, the Kalina Ann, as well as pistols, shotguns, and a grappling hook. Her trio of primary firearms can also be charged up t0 three times to unleash successively more devastating attacks. She’s got some cool-looking abilities too, like summoning a wave of rockets and tossing multiple grenades at once.

Devil May Cry 4 SE will feature five playable characters counting the original’s pair in Nero and Dante. Three other Devil May Cry favorites are joining the fray: Lady, Trish, and Dante’s twin brother Virgil. Other features new to the special edition include updated 1080p visuals, exclusive new costumes, an auto-save function, and a readjusted currency model.

DMC 4 SE is coming out on June 23rd for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Check out the trailer here, and New Gamer Nation’s review of Ninja Theory’s reboot here.

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