As we reported on Jan. 15th, a violent video game research and enforcement bill was introduced in the House was introduced by Democratic representative Jim Matheson of Utah marking one of the first bills to be introduced to regulate the video game industry. At around the same time, Rep. John Rockefeller introduced his own research bill to the Senate. The original bill died when Congress went into recess on January 2nd. Rep. John Rockefeller promised to reintroduce the bill when Congress came back and he kept his promise today.

However, experts believe that though the bill has four co-signers, the chances that it would become law is very low. Most feel that the President’s call to the CDC for research should be sufficient.

The bill is known as S. 134 and it asks the National Academy of Sciences to conduct a “comprehensive study and investigation of the connection between violent video games and violent video programming and harmful effects on children.” It would investigate whether violent games cause children to act aggressively or causes other negative effects. It will then compare video games effect against other violent medium’s effect on children. After the study is complete the results would be reported to Congress, the FTC and the FCC.

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