As most people have heard by now the official release of Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion pack is coming out on December 8. What players may not realize is these cards are available for a test run right this very moment.

According to a Blizzard, players across the globe can jump into an Arena match right now and all the expansion pack cards are available. To sweeten the pot, Blizzard has added, “Anyone who logs in to the game between December 4 and December 8 automatically gets their next new Arena run for free. It’s a zero-risk chance to see some of the new cards in action with a high-risk chance of something going explosively awry.”

While players can test out the expansion pack cards today they may not begin permanently add cards to their collection until December 8 in North America. Cards can be collected by purchasing packs, using dust or earning rewards in Arena. To see all the newly announced cards check out the Hearthstone Facebook page or visit

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