We all know that Capcom is released another rehashed version of Street Fighter IV, but just in case you wanted to see what this rehash is all about, check out the latest trailer below. This particular trailer shows off the character Poison and the trailer shows off a range of Poison’s moves. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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  • DB N

    I can’t say Ultra is a rehash as the Street Fighter IV updates are releases with extras built into the new games. Thankfully, the only version that sold for $60 I believe was the first, where I am pretty positive Super was $40, 2012AE was $30 for a disk or $15 as an update DLC pack. Ultra will be priced similarly to 2012AE which includes more characters (totaling over 50 which is nuts), all costumes included, and more backgrounds.

    This is on top of the main crux of the game which will use a couple of new tweaks to the system: red focus attacks and the use of both ultra attacks (you had to choose them initially) which can also be combined in the same combo. Can’t forget the rebalancing, nerfs, and buffs. I’m clearly way too excited :p