It’s crunch time. All of us covering E3, are getting rested up (or at least as rested as we can get), because the big show is close enough to taste it. So with this edition of the New Gamer Nation Top 5, I want to look at the upcoming E3 2015. I have 5 questions, to which I will do my best to answer with a prediction.

5) What Should we expect at E3?

If you’re new to watching E3, you should expect the latest batch of games from the industry’s biggest names. The Big Three in Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony will showcase some of their exclusives alongside the biggest games expected to be released within the next year or two. If you’re one of the gamers that’s been here before, It’s time to get ready to see closer looks at the games you’ve been looking for. Call of Duty, Halo 5, FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed are the usual suspects we get to see this time of year.

4) Will we see Nintendo’s new console?

For the past few months news was released that Nintendo was working on a new console. Codenamed the NX, details were very scarce about it. Some have said with the addition to their new mobile focus, the console could run on Android’s operating system; to which Nintendo denied. So is there a chance we actually see anything on the NX? My guess is probably not. It was just announced not too long ago, so the likelihood of any new details could remain very low.

3) What does Bethesda have in store for their first E3?

Truth be told, this spot was going to be “Will we see Fallout 4?”. That was until Bethesda officially announced it last week. Being that this will be the first year Bethesda makes their own dedicated E3 press conference event, Fallout 4 is going to be showcased heavily. We should see some Fallout 4 gameplay footage and at the very least a release window. So the question remains, will there be anything else? It’s hard for me to imagine Bethesda is going into their first E3 with only one game to showcase.

2) Does Ubisoft have any surprises for E3 again?

For the last few years Ubisoft has stepped up their game in surprising audiences at E3. From Watch Dogs to the Division to the latest Tom Clancy game. I’d like to think this year will be no different as I’m sure they’re going to have their usual suspects of Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance. I think we should see how far the Division has come, along with the latest Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. All we really have to wait for is whoever is speaking near the end of the conference to say “There is one more thing”…That’s when things get really crazy. But speaking of surprises…

1) Will The Last Guardian finally show up?

I’ve been saying this for the past three years: If we don’t see the last Guardian this year, we’ll probably never see it again. It seems that just about every time around E3 season, the rumor mill keeps digging out The Last Guardian to finally have it’s time to shine. This year is no different. Well, maybe a little different. Now we have the Playstation 4 out and developers have had time to get a good look under the hood of the console. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that maybe the team that brought us Ico and Shadow of the Colossus scrapped plans to release it on the PS3 in favor for the PS4; considering all the changes the team had to adjust to. Still, for the fourth year in a row, I’ll say it again…If we don’t see The Last Guardian this year, we’ll probably never see it again.

So now it’s your turn gamers, do you have any answers to these questions? Do you have you’re own questions? Let us know in the comment section below and stay right here to New Gamer Nation for your E3 2015 coverage.

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  • Adam Garcia

    I really hope to see more role playing games in general. I think that there has been too long of an absence of this genre on home consoles last gen, and I don’t want to see that happening again. Plus, I’d like to see spiffy Anime JRPGs on next gen graphics. I’m a JRPG fan so I would really like to see these games shine on PS4 and XBOXOne, as well as PC.Also, PSVITA isn’t dead. It is a great platform for RPGs, Indies, and old PSOne games, so I hope to see it supported more in the future. I’m curious to see if Nintendo will show us any info about it’s mobile games. As for Ubisoft, I want to see more Rayman or another ZombiU sequel. Also, nice write up!