Throughout the history of video games, the gamer behind the main character has had an extraordinary amount of challenges to deal with. Sometimes it’s battling a dragon, to solving puzzles, to battling a 300 foot Greek god who may or may not be the character’s father. This New Gamer Nation Top 5 is about those main characters that are put in extraordinary circumstances. The catch is that these characters are the most ordinary of men, that are put in the the most extraordinary of circumstances. Ladies and gentlemen…

The New Gamer Nation Top 5 Most Ordinary Men Put In The Most Extraordinary Circumstances

5) Stryker-Mortal Kombat Series: Sergeant Kurtis Stryker was in some form of law enforcement presumably working along side Jackson Briggs (Jax) and Sonya Blade. Then he helped defend Earth Realm from invasion along others such as Liu Kang and Raiden. The only problem…Well, he was just a cop. Liu Kang has the fireball, Sonya has some extra abilities, Jax has the mechanical arms, heck even Johnny Cage has the shadow kick. So it was no wonder Stryker had to rely on his arsenal of firearms and police training to fend off cyborgs, the undead, a giant reptile, and a guy who can freeze people.

4) Gordon Freeman-Half Life: Imagine yourself on your way to work. Everything is going just about as normal as any day can go. You greet some of your fellow co-workers, you check out what’s going on in the break room, and you go on about your business…Then you inadvertently open a wormhole where aliens start running rampant and the military starts killing just about everything else that moves. No way does a scientist live through this ordeal…Unless he’s got a crowbar handy.

3) Mario: One day you and your brother are a couple unassuming Italian plumbers working in the Mushroom Kingdom until King Koopa kidnaps the princess and with it’s shortages of knights, Mario is apparently the last hope. He treks through land after land, castle after castle, until he confronts the evil King Koopa, time and time again. Also every once in a while they all get together to race around in go karts…You figure that relationship out.

2) Carl “C.J.” Johnson-Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: After 5 years in (presumably) in Liberty City, Carl Johnson comes back to Los Santos under melancholy circumstances. The matriarch of the Johnson family has been gunned down, and the gang C.J. was a part of is now in disarray. Over the course of the game C.J. is blackmailed by the police into doing some seedy things, uncovers the plot to who killed his mother, he even rescues a rapper from committing suicide, runs a casino, robs another, learns to fly airplanes, returns his gang to prominence, and even enjoys a cup or two of “hot coffee” with many, many women, among other things.

1) Cole MacGrath-inFamous: As a college drop out, Cole MacGrath worked as a bike courier, delivering packages as a way to “piss off his parents”. His best friend Zeke has been at his side for years, and Cole was in a relationship with a woman named Trish. Things were very low key for MacGrath, until one fateful day, one package changed everything. The ray sphere, the source that went off like a bomb and took out a few blocks of Empire City, yet MacGrath survived. From that day Cole MacGrath developed powers beyond his own measure and continues to grow them. From normal, unassuming, low key guy who has everything he needs to superhuman, it’s impossible for MacGrath to go back to that lifestyle. Then again, when you can shoot lightning out of your hands it’s almost impossible to do some normal things…Like touching metal objects.

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