Spike TV held their annual award show Saturday night, without very many surprises, and “moments” that I would really consider as anything that would define the event, it was my first time watching, and I took a few things away from the show. While I hardly would consider Spike TV a “worthy” source to give away their own awards for video games, I would feel more comfortable if the site their working with called it their own.

(Some of the content in the links contain content that is inappropriate for children)

Still with a big audience watching, the winners weren’t the story on that night. The stories coming out of that night that had people talking were some of the announcements made at the event. Some of was a little underwhelming such as The Amazing Spiderman game, or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD. Other things got me really excited to see. So here it is…

The Top 5 Announcements From The Video Game Awards

5) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Hideo Kojima revealed the project Metal Gear Solid: Rising to actually be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. MGR is the next title in the Metal Gear franchise, and features Raiden to be the protagonist in this game. The trailer features some gameplay that looks to be a “hack and slash” type game. The trailer also reveals Platinum Games (The makers of Bayonetta) to be one of the studios working with Konami to develop this game.

4) Fortnite: Cliff Bleszinski revealed to the world Epic Games’ next title, Fortnite. The trailer features a different style of gameplay and overall feel of previous Epic Games’ titles such as Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, and Bulletstorm. Based on the information I’ve gathered, Fortnite will combine elements of the tower defense genre, throws in some survival elements, and combines it with Minecraft. During the day portion, players will find materials from existing buildings, blow the building up and build or add to their building to hold off the hordes of zombies that rise from the ground and invade at night. There is no publisher for the game yet, so there is no word if this will be a downloadable title or if it will receive a retail release. With all the unknowns, there is no release date announced either.

3) Hitman Absolution: One of the first looks at Hitman: Absolution was revealed in this teaser. Though not filled with much gameplay, the video mixes some of the stealth elements that made the franchise famous, and mixes it with action. Agent 47 is looking for a young woman that appeared to be kidnapped from either an orphanage or hospital type place. Whether or not this plays into the story is still unknown, also since no official release date has been announced, we can only speculate. If you want more footage, visit the Hitman Absolution official site for a 16 minute video highlighting some more elements of gameplay.

2) Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: First off, Michael Bay take notes. THIS is how you do the Transfomers’ universe justice. Secondly, this isn’t a tie in to the movies, these are a different series of games. Finally, an all out war on Cybertron, Bruticus, Grimlock, and Dinobots…Transformers fanboys and girls, go ahead and celebrate, the game has a Fall of 2012 release.

1) The Last Of Us: Very little was known about this Playstation 3 exclusive. The trailer revealed that Naughty Dog (the team behind the Uncharted series) is developing this new property. It follows a man and his teenage daughter as they survive in a world devastated by apocalyptic events, every survivor is seemingly out for themselves in this zombie/survival horror game. No official release date is on it, but now that we know a little bit about The Last of Us, I can’t wait to see more.

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