Ubisoft and Sony Pictures Entertainment have just announced that they are teaming up to bring those funky, crazy, hilarious Rabbids to the big screen in a full-length feature film. The Rabbids have already made their television debut due to the partnerships between Ubisoft Motion Pictures, Nickelodeon, and France Televisions in the form of the television show “Rabbids Invasion”, but now its time for their theatrical debut.

Sony Pictures has tremendous experience developing hybrid live-action-and-animated blockbusters for audiences around the world, which makes them a natural fit for what we want to achieve with a Rabbids film. This deal deepens our partnership with Sony Pictures and highlights our holistic approach to bringing Ubisoft’s brands to new audiences while still maintaining the brands’ creative integrity

-Jean-Julien Baronnet, Executive Director, Ubisoft Motion Pictures

Who would have ever thought that those hilarious creatures from the Rayman video game series would ever grow to super stardom the way that they have? No release date has been given yet, but needless to say I am looking forward to seeing the hilarious Rabbids on the big screen. What about you? Drop a comment and let us know.

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