Nostalgia seems to be a big hit among this generation. Just about everything from our past has been remade, rebooted, or re-released in some way or another. If it hasn’t been redone, more than likely it has an attached sequel. So as I read about one of my favorite series, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, getting re-released I got that little nostalgic itch again. We already had one list of games that deserve a remake, so let’s consider this list one of the games I’d love to see returned in some form. These are…

The Top 5 Games I Want Back In My Life

5) X-Men Legends Series

I mentioned the Marvel: Avengers Alliance series was getting re-released, and I have to say while I did enjoy those games very much, the X-Men Legends series is what started that team-up of four superheroes beating up bad guys with a heavy RPG influence. The X-Men Legends series had some great moments and awesome gameplay. Not only that but just about each character felt different to use when it came to their powers. Usually mixing in melee and power guys with some energy users, just about everyone had their perfect combinations for every member of the team.
Ideally, I’d love to see this get that HD upgrade with the enhanced graphics and trophy support. It’s tough to say if the same type of game would work today unless the story is great and that gameplay makes everything fun again. I would rather see an enhanced version of the game than one just ported over similar to the recent Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

4) Burnout
Burnout Paradise

Back in the day, I used to bring in my Playstation 2 into work along with a 13 inch TV. On a whim, I rented Burnout 3 and was hooked into racing games again. A street racing game with crashes that make some movie crashes seem tame… Minus the explosions. As Burnout Paradise for the next generation consoles, it added the open world element improving graphics to make the crashes look absolutely spectacular. Burnout wasn’t just about racing, sometimes the fun was just watching the crash you knew you saw coming happen in front of your eyes because you just didn’t want to look away. That was the thing about the game, most of the time even when the AI was rubberbanding, you never felt out of contention. One good bump and you send the opponent crashing into an oncoming car or into a wall. If you lost you had a little fun watching the car doing 100 flips in the air as the pavement tried to grind the car into scrap metal.

Burnout 3

Ideally, I want Burnout Paradise 2. With all due respect to other racing games like Gran Turismo and Need For Speed, there aren’t any games quite like it. We’ve seen a few new Need For Speed games, a few Forza Motorsports, and a new Gran Turismo is in the works. With a new generation of consoles, I think it’s time we get a new Burnout.

3) NBA/NFL Street
NBA Street 2 cover
What happened to the Street franchises? I’ve had such good times playing alongside and against friends in these games. A comeback victory in NFL Street, dominating performances in NBA Street, all of it was such good fun. These games combined the real sport with arcade type physics and real-world moves. The Gamebreaker feature was often times the difference between victory and defeat. In NBA Street, you can create your own player to test themselves against real NBA players and fictional street legends that specialized in something such as dunking or ball handling. On the NFL side, you start with a virtual team of scrubs and earn experience points to build them into a juggernaut. These games had something whether you were a social gamer or a solitary one.

Bo knows taunting

Bo knows taunting

Ideally, I’d like to see another game in each series with updated rosters, and rosters that can get updates should trades or new acquisitions to teams happen. The last time these games were popular was two generations ago, at a time online console gaming was in its infancy. I feel like these games have huge social appeal, and I’ll challenge anyone to a game… If they do make another.

2) Def Jam: Fight For New York
Fight For NY
Too few fighting games came to be as good as Def Jam: Fight For New York. It mixed in a great level of street fighting with the wrestling games I always loved, and threw it in with a ton of influence from the hip hop community. Snoop Dogg being the big boss of a very fun single player campaign, the customization options were incredibly deep to make the fighter your own, and can we mention the brutal ways you can knock your opponent out? Everything from the combat, the soundtrack, even the way each level was different from the other worked in a way you don’t really see in too many fighting games.
Fight For NY 2
Ideally, I would love a full HD Remaster of the game. I doubt we’ll see a new chapter added in the game since Def Jam Icon, which wasn’t well received by fans or critics. Icon failed to capture the spirit of the second game which I felt was the best in the series. It felt more of a shell of the predecessor, so seeing the second game come back with a full HD remake would be awesome to see, and can possibly generate a new interest to try to recapture what made this game so great.

Contra Title
This game is the reason most old school gamers know the Konami code. I don’t know too many people that could get away with beating the game without it. At its core, Contra has a simple concept; shoot aliens and survive… The latter being one of the hardest things to do in the game. One hit and you lose a life, get hit enough and it’s game over man, game over! The game was incredibly hard but the right gun dropping off, usually the spread gun, evened the odds. Contra always had a way of making you think about each weapon in the game. In the Alien Wars, you can carry a couple which made the decision a little tough at times… But we all know we didn’t want the laser gun. There was just something universally fun about saving the world from an alien invasion, shooting giant aliens and their machines. Contra and Contra: The Alien Wars are among the best shooters of all time, and the fact that they’ve been away for so long without another game that added to the great legacy is a shame.
Contra Alien Wars
Ideally, I would love to see a return to greatness for Contra. Often times when I’m asked what games I’d like to see remade for today, I say “Contra. That’s it, that’s the list.” I think an upgraded version of the game could go over so well because of the success we’ve seen with games that are seen as “harder” games by today’s standards. Another reason is because everything old can be new again. However, with the rumors of Konami focusing on other platforms of gaming, I fear we may never see a new Contra again. Although it would have been awesome to see Contra making the cut for that mini NES that’s due out.

So that’s my list, tell me what’s on your list? Is it something completely different? Let me know in the comment section below and let’s at least hope we get some of these games mentioned back in our lives.

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