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Welcome, newcomers and longtime readers. As Seinfeld fans know, December 23 marks the annual tradition of Festivus. With that, the tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. So let me use this time to air my grievances with the world of gaming with this list. I’ve got a lot of problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about them!

Microsoft’s E3 Exclusives

Here’s the thing about exclusives; they’re usually exclusive to one thing. I’m not saying Microsoft/Xbox people had a bad conference. What I am saying is that the graphic saying “exclusive to Xbox and Windows” took away some reason to pick up an Xbox One in my view. I thought to myself, “if I’m was a PC gamer and I have an Xbox One for something like, let’s just say Gears of War, what would be the point of buying that version if I can get the best version of it for my PC?” I understand Microsoft is trying to put over the capabilities of connecting or bridging console and PC games… Possibly gamers themselves. I feel console and PC gamers will stick to their preferred method of playing rather than switching between the two for each of their games. I would feel the need to switch if I had (again, let’s use this as an example) Gears of War on one, and if I were playing a different game for the PC. It feels like Microsoft could be undermining their console in the future by tying in Windows exclusivity as well.

4K Gaming

Why do we need to make a big deal about resolution? Are 4K TVs so affordable this year that we need them for the consoles now? The difference between 720p and 1080p usually doesn’t become that noticeable unless you have a larger screen or monitor and you’re standing a few feet away. Besides, how many of us have upgraded our TVs since this generation of consoles were released? I understand games will look better and as time goes on new technology becomes older thus, more affordable. However, I honestly expected that for the next generation of consoles. Also, can we stop getting an “upgraded” console every few years?

Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition

Gaming can be quite an expensive hobby. When you $60 adds up quick and starts taking a heavy toll on your wallet if you’re buying more than one game. When I found the Amazon Exclusive Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition, I looked at it with bewilderment. For about $130 at launch, you can get a statue, a deck of Battlefield 1 playing cards, a cloth poster, a patch, and codes for some DLC in a messenger pigeon tube and a steel book case for the game… But not the game itself. If you wanted all of that with the game, you’d have to pay just over $200. Why do I need a case if I’m going to buy it digitally? Why do I need a case if I don’t have the game? Some of these publishers need to think about things before they start selling them.

No Man’s Sky

We knew this was coming. With all the hype, with all the promotional material, with everything No Man’s Sky going into it, the game just didn’t deliver. To say the game had mixed reviews would put it mildly. To some, it didn’t live up to what was promised or hyped up to be. Our own Editor in Chief gave the game a 5 saying “there are so many faults to the game that you can’t get over the mediocrity.” Some have said this is a case against pre-ordering games, and others have blamed Hello Games for making promises they didn’t deliver. This may be a cautionary tale of doing research on something before you buy. No Man’s Sky stumbled out of the gate and left a bad taste in the mouth of gamers. Perhaps the new update may smooth things over, but we have to wonder if it’s too late to recover.

Disney Shuts Down Marvel Avengers Alliance

This one hurt and stings a little. For those that don’t know, Marvel Avengers Alliance was a Facebook game with Marvel Characters fighting in turn-based combat. With an ongoing storyline, including special storylines with its own story arc, and PVP, Avengers Alliance brought the world of Marvel to life. Those that have played it and put a ton of time in it like me know everything that made the game fun. Was it perfect? No, but it was surprisingly good. Surprising good, not just for a Facebook game, but for a game based on the Marvel universe. In October, it was announced the game would no longer be supported and would be pulled from Facebook and mobile markets. That is why there has been a void that just hasn’t been filled up yet. Why Disney? Why cancel a game that had a strong community behind it? I can only hope there’s something else that will come down the pike in the same style as Avengers Alliance because gaming on Facebook just hasn’t been the same.

So what do you think Gamers? Am I off base with some of these? What grievances do you have with the world of gaming? Let us know in the comment section below before the Feats of Strength, and stay right here to New Gamer Nation as your source for all things gaming.