Even though software has taken the main stage at E3, that didn’t stop hardware manufacturers from showing off what they have in store. In particular, SteelSeries has a very impressive line up that you definitely do not want to miss.


The first product they announced was the SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker. This piece of hardware tracks your eye movements and provide feedback to the user.

“When you think about the concept of eye tracking, you immediately think of innovation and next generation technology; apply that to gaming and you have something truly unique for gamers,” said Tino Soelberg, SteelSeries CTO. “At its core, the Sentry employs eye-tracking functionality from our partner, Tobii, who has been a pioneer in eye tracking across many industries. When you take that core functionality and apply the deep gaming expertise of SteelSeries, we think we are able to offer a product that is innovative and incredibly beneficial to gamers.”

The SteelSeries Sentry Eye Tracker will be available to gamers later this year.


The next product that is sure to impress is the SteelSeries Stratus XL. This is a full-sized mobile gamepad that will give you the feel of a console controller on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

“We have been working for well over a year now on perfecting the wireless controller experience for iOS devices. We have been incredibly impressed by the way the SteelSeries Stratus has been received by consumers so far and we are looking forward to introducing the Stratus XL to the iOS gaming community – who have been asking for a full-sized controller option,” said Tino Soelberg, SteelSeries CTO. “The Stratus XL was designed to meet their demands, delivered with the premium features and top-to-bottom quality expected from SteelSeries.”

The SteelSeries Stratus XL Wireless Gaming Controller will be available later this year on SteelSeries.com and at other retailers.

Finally, SteelSeries announced a partnership with EA and the Sims franchise. There will be two new products that will be customized for the Sims 4 including a headset and a mouse. Check out the images of the products below.



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