A ton of new details have been revealed for EA’s upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront. While we haven’t seen much outside of the reveal from E3 a couple years ago, at Star Wars Celebration a few details were finally revealed. First thing, Star Wars: Battlefront will be available for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on November 17 of this year in North America and November 20 in the UK.

Another detail revealed is that the game will not have a campaign mode. Instead Star Wars: Battlefront will feature a series of missions, playable alone or via online and local co-op. While it will touch on events from the original trilogy, the game will not feature any prequel trilogy elements such as characters, settings, or vehicles. Shown in a gameplay demo, Star Wars: Battlefront will also feature Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a Jedi as playable characters, and plus you have a chance to pilot the Millenium Falcon. Now brace yourself for a little bad news, there won’t be any space battles.

Battlefront producer Craig Mcleod stated “It’s all about the epic planetary battles and getting that right. Fighting with X-Wings and TIE Fighters, we have that. It’s taken in the atmosphere. This is something we discussed with Lucasfilm and they were happy to be on board with that.”

So no space battles, but here’s some good news; Free DLC. On December 8, the Battle of Jakku DLC will be released for free. Jakku is the desert planet that made its first appearance in teasers for The Force Awakens. Fans that pre-order the game will get the Battle of Jakku DLC a week before those that don’t. Also you can pre-order Star Wars: Battlefront Digital Deluxe Edition on EA’s Origin store, Playstation Network, and available soon for the Xbox One. For about 10 more bucks than retail, you get five in-game items including an Ion Grenade, Ion Torpedo, and the DL44 Blaster…You know the Han Solo gun.

So what do you say gamers? Does this have you excited? Are you going to buy this day one? Let us know in the comment section and for all things gaming, stay here on New Gamer Nation.

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