Stacking blocks is fun, add a match 3 system and some fighting game mechanics and now you got a game. That game is Spaera, a one on one puzzle game that is fast and frantic. While it may look like Tetris, Spaera¬†adds a bit more chaos. One thing that was stood out was the shape of the blocks, while the traditional Tetris shapes are there I encountered shapes only seen in nightmares, there was even a “W” shaped block!

The fighting game mechanics come in way of collecting orbs. Once an orb is collected the player can choose to use it, or bank it for a higher level spell. Spells can cause a huge problem for your opponent or even clear you a bit of breathing room. Each character has different spells, which adds a whole nother strategy of picks and counter picks.

We had a blast playing Spaera, probably because they let me win.

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Spaera has been Greenlit by Steam and is set to come to the Xbox One. Make sure to stay tuned to New Gamer Nation for all your orb collecting and puzzle fighting needs.

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