After some leaks WB Interactive announced Middle-Earth: Shadow of War last week and with that promised gameplay soon. Well that day is here and boy does the gameplay look great. Shadow of War seems to be taking the nemesis system to a whole different level. In the gameplay we get to see multiple different characters all who are impacted by the nemesis system. While there is plenty fodder enemies, Shadow of War looks to be reliant on each player having a unique experience when it comes to the “war chiefs” and newly introduced “overlord” enemies. Check out the narrated gameplay demo below.

Shadow of War appears to be a significant jump up from its predecessor, however it is important to remember that this gameplay is late in the game and it appears some features might only be allowed due to the nature of the footage. Regardless of what developer tools may be in place, Shadow of War looks has my attention.

We have yet to see any open world gameplay instead the trailer focused on sieging large strongholds resulting in some spectacular battles. That begs the question of what the actual maps will look like and will the world be as empty as Shadow of Mordor? I’m also curious of how these interactions will work between the A.I. Will we have to trigger these events or do they just happen on their own?

I want to know more and with a release date set for August 22 we won’t have to wait to long.  What did you think of the trailer? Does this look like a proper sequel? Will the jump from the original be reminiscent of Assassins Creed to Assassins Creed 2?

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