Straight from the rumor mill, comes supposed details for the next Xbox. According to the report, if you decide you want to purchase a new Xbox you will have two options. The first option is a one time payment of $500, the other option is you can pay $300 with a two-year contract where you have to pay $15 a month. However, the contract does include a gold subscription to Xbox Live. It seems like just spending the money up front will save $100 over the life of the system, assuming the price of a gold membership stays at $60.

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  • @NewGamerNation consols have monthly contracts now? Dang.

  • @TheyLeftUs Well it would only apply if you bought the cheap version of the console. If you buy the $500 model there is no contract.

  • @NewGamerNation Ahh okay, i never thought you would have to have a contract tied to a console. Better have better data rates then phones.

  • @TheyLeftUs I wouldn’t expect a cell phone contract deal, more of a payment plan, no restrictions just money to make up the difference.

  • @NewGamerNation that mkes a little more sense.

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