Kick’n Chick’nz: Medieval Karnival is the first game released by Atomic Chimp Games and is available and exclusive on iOS devices.  Kick’n Chick’nz: Medieval Karnival is a collection of mini-games with a humerous and light-hearted tone that always seems to use chickens in some way.  This game comes with four different tents or gaming areas, but there are a total of seven gaming areas planned as free downloadable content in the future.

The story follows Meg and her little sister Margie. Meg is given the task of babysitting her sister, so to entertain her they go down to the medieval carnival in town. This carnival is unlike any travelling carnival they’ve seen before. While they are there, Margie spots and desparately wants a dragon hat, so it is up to Meg to find a way to get her the hat. You assume the role of Meg as she plays the various games at the carnival to earn golden eggs.  Golden eggs are the currency in the game and when you collect enough, you’ll be able to purchase Margie’s coveted dragon hat. You’ll have to play through the four mini-games available to achieve your goals.

The first game is called “Memba Me?” and is a chicken version of the classic handheld game Simon. You start with six different chickens on the board in a circle and the game will show you a sequence of chickens for you to choose from. Follow the pattern correctly and you will earn golden eggs. The more sequences the player remembers correctly, the more difficult the next sequence will become. Chickens on the board will rotate, the speed will increase, and the length of the pattern will get longer. This mini-game is a great twist on a classic game and was one of our favorites.

The next game is called “Sqwee Ball” and is a medieval chicken twist on the arcade classic Skee Ball. You are given three minutes to roll nine chickens down a ramp at a column of wooden baskets.  The higher up the column you get your chicken, the more points you can earn. As you progress in this mode, the difficulty is increased and the layout of wooden baskets change. In the later stages the wooden baskets start to rotate, which provides the player with an additional level of challenge.  Fans of Skee Ball will enjoy this mode, but we felt it took a long time to play out. For such a simple game, it would have been nice to have it move at a faster pace.

You can also try your luck at a traditional shooting gallery game called “Kick’n Chick’nz”. Various targets will pop up and streak across the screen and it is up to you to aim for them and flick your chickens at them.  The quicker the target moves, the more points it is worth.  Hit as many targets as you can to earn a golden egg. The aiming mechanic in this game is very sensitive and if your aim is not perfect you will have a difficult time scoring points.  We also found that certain objects in the background appear to be targets but aren’t, so knowing exactly what to hit is confusing at times.

Finally, a player can try their luck at “Stick N Chicknz”. This game requires players to tap wooden planks and hurl chickens at balloons rigged to the background. The object of the game is to pop as many balloons as possible. Once again, players are generously given a three-minute time period in which to hurl as many chickens as they can. The more balloons popped, the more points earned.

The developers at Atomic Chimp games have the framework of a great game here. It is surprising how enjoyable it is to play all the different carnival games. Furthermore, the sound effects of the chickens are great – you can hear the shuffling feathers and the cackles of live chickens. It almost feels as if you are in a chicken coop. The classical soundtrack present in this game is unique and adds to the medieval carnival feel of the game.

Unfortunately, this game leaves something to be desired. There are areas of opportunity where the game could have been better but it just didn’t capitalize. The first and most important issue is that the game is over quickly. With only three mini-games to choose from initially, players will become frustrated with the lack of choice. Thankfully, everyone who purchases this game will get four more games for free in the near future, but we would have prefered that they release the game later with all games included right out of the box. Two out of three games have a timer starting at three minutes, and this really restricts this game. We would have liked to see a free-play mode where players could just play the games they like without being restricted to three-minute periods. Ultimately, you are left feeling unsatisfied and craving more gameplay. Finally, this game suffers from considerable load times and lots of slow-down. When choosing a tent, you will notice the word “LOADING” scroll across the screen a few times before the game can begin. Then when you finally get into the game, the animations will slow the device down, hurting gameplay.

Kick’n Chick’nz is the first game released by Atomic Chimp Games, but the developer has set up a solid mobile game. Though the game does have some flaws, future updates offer a lot of promise in terms of more content, and that can only be a good thing. Despite its flaws, there is still enough of a reason to download the game and see what future updates the developers bring to the mobile gaming nation. Personally, we cannot wait to see what the developer will do next. At this time, we give Kick’n Chick’nz 7 out of 10 golden eggs.

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This review is based on a review copy of the iOS version of Kick’n Chick’nz provided by Atomic Chimp Games

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