Flick Golf is a stand-out game for those who want to waste a few minutes at their desk, in their car, or while their girlfriend tells them about last night’s killer Grey’s Anatomy episode. Currently the game is available on both android devices and iOS devices. Flick Golf is developed by Full Fat Productions, and the game is one of five iOS titles in their library.
This visually basic but challenging game offers users the ability to work on their finger-flicking skills while playing a game of golf. Your goal as both a gamer and finger golfer is, simply enough, to get the ball in the hole. Although this is not as simple as it sounds. First you must master flicking the ball, and then secondly, while in the air, controlling the ball by applying spin. Your score is determined by how well you accomplish these tasks. This single-player game offers a finger golfer 3 different modes of gameplay on 6 courses, which vary in degree of difficulty.


The first mode is Quick Shot, which gives players 90 seconds to achieve their best score. Over each nine-hole course, you will be met with different challenges. In the early courses, you may deal with little to no wind, but as you advance, the wind speed and distance to the hole will increase, and the courses become quite difficult. While the ball is in the air, you will have to decide if you need to create more top spin, back spin or side spin, which is where most of the challenge in the game comes in. Points are given for the amount of spin placed on the ball, as well as distance to pin. If you manage to get a hole-in-one, you net a bonus. Keep getting hole-in-ones and you will be rewarded with lots of bonus points.


The second mode available to players is World Tour. There are 6 courses in total, but not so fast: you will have to earn that gold trophy if you want to succeed. The courses here are more difficult, so be prepared for a challenge. If you are up to the challenge and you earn the winning trophy, you will be rewarded with additional courses. The objective of this mode is similar to other modes, which is simply placing the ball in the hole. The skills you acquire by playing the game are used extensively in this mode, so make sure you get plenty of practice.
The last mode available is Quick Shot Pro. The concept is similar to the other modes, but the stakes have been raised. You start with 30 seconds on the clock and for every successful shot, you are given more time to complete the course. While trying to perform the perfect shot, you will have to deal with stronger winds than normal. If you want to unlock an additional 5 courses, you need to be a finger-flicking pro, hence the title of the mode. This is the perfect game for someone who wants to waste some time until they can get to their regular gaming console. This game is very addictive, and we find ourselves having to change our phone’s battery frequently. When our will is weak and the game has its hooks in, the phone will stay in the charger at our desk all day. Make sure you keep the volume down so as not to let the office know you just hit the perfect drive. This game has everything a casual phone gamer could want: challenge, smooth gameplay, and the achievements that make a gamer feel good about wasting their lunch break on their phone.
[xrr rating=8/10, max_stars=10]
This review is based on a retail copy of the iPad version of Flick Golf by Full Fat Productions

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