Episode 2 for Dontnod Entertainment’s coming-of-age sci-fi adventure Life Is Strange is coming out on March 24th, Eurogamer reports.

Slightly delayed from the developer’s six-week plan for each episode, Episode 2 will be launching seven weeks after Episode 1: Chrysalis. This second episode’s release date was confirmed during Dontnod’s developer session at EGX Rezzed.

Here’s some brand new gameplay footage from the new episode, showing off some new areas and characters. Beware of spoilers!

Life Is Strange has attracted attention from critics for its focus on character, narrative, and a unique time-bending mechanic that players can use to affect the story via the butterfly effect. Dontnod has also been lauded for featuring a young female main character– an underrepresented demographic in most video games.

The game follows heroine Maxine Caulfield as she navigates the tribulations of adolescence in a moody Pacific Northwest town and high school. Our own Neil Connors praised the first episode’s art direction, characters, and atmosphere. Life Is Strange is similar to Telltale’s style of adventure games. There are just even less puzzles and a heavier focus on narrative.

Life Is Strange will consist of five episodes, available for download only for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4. Check out the launch trailer for episode 1 here.

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