In a post on Reddit’s r/MassEffect two days ago, a user leaked an unauthenticated survey for Mass Effect 4. The survey was from last month, according to the now deleted account. The post details rumored narrative and gameplay aspects of the “Next Mass Effect.”

Nothing from the survey is confirmed, not even the legitimacy of the survey itself. However, the descriptions of these possibly in-development gameplay systems aren’t very far-fetched for a Bioware game. Prepare for possible spoilers:

The Next Mass Effect takes place in the Helius Cluster, according to the survey. Players take on the role of captain of the spaceship Tempest, in a bid to colonize the frontier. True to Bioware tradition, the captain is joined by 7 crew members, each with their own backstories and loyalty missions.

Some gameplay elements from Dragon Age: Inquisition have made it into the survey as well. Players can deploy strike teams to tackle time-sensitive missions on the space map, much like DA:I’s war table. As previously confirmed, the Mako will be returning for some more terrestrial exploration.

Check out the Reddit post on the survey for all of the details. Bioware or EA have yet to comment. Three years ago, a similar survey leaked that ended up shedding light on early concepts for what would become Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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