Today, Nintendo has just announced that the Wii U and 3DS sales for fiscal year 2013 have significantly slowed down. So much so that Nintendo has had to revise its sales projections from about 9 million units to 2.8 million units. The 3DS, which has saved Nintendo’s sales in the past, has also been down graded to 13.5 million units, down from the previously projected 18 million.

Even Nintendo’s software is failing to reach its mark. Nintendo hoped to sellĀ 38 million Wii U games and 80 million 3DS games, but now they expect to sell 19 million Wii U games and 66 million 3DS games.

These soft sales reports will lead Nintendo to take another loss for the year, keeping the current downward trend of 3 years in a row of negative profits. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted that “it is now expected that our sales will fail to meet our previous forecast by a large margin.”

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