Today, Sony released some more information on what will be available in the PlayStation Plus program in the month of February. Needless to say, there are some big games heading subscribers’ way. Starting January 29th, Vita owners will have access to Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus bringing back a timeless character to the Vita platform. In addition to Ninja Gaiden, you will get a discount of owning Madden 13 for either the PS3 (Regularly: $41.99; PS Plus Price: $29.39) or the Vita (Regularly: $27.99; PS Plus Price: $19.59).

Further into February, the deals keep coming. Sleeping Dogs will be place on the service. Formula One Kart racer F1 Race Stars and puzzle-platformer Quantum Conundrum will also make appearances on the Plus program. These titles will be available to subscribers starting February 6th. If you own a Vita you will get access to WipeOut 2048, which will be available on February 13th. Finally, the puzzle game Lumines: Electric Symphony will be available to download on February 20th.