As mobile gaming becomes more prevalent in the lives of gamers today, companies are looking to capitalize in the mobile gaming space in order to grow their businesses.  SuperTooth is a company that has always been involved in keeping people connected on the go. Their original product line focused on making products for the CB Radio. In 2004, however, they shifted their focus to create Bluetooth-enabled products. Currently, the company has enhanced this focus to capture market share from the portable mobile gamer.  Today, New Gamer Nation will take a look at SuperTooth’s entry level Bluetooth headset: the Melody.

Sound: 8

The Melody is a multipurpose bluetooth headphone, and the headset was able to perform strongly in the categories a mobile gamer would care about. The Melody headset was able provide high quality audio when switching from call to game to music.  The headset has plenty of volume for those who need it loud.  However, we did notice some minor sound distortion when set to the maximum volume.

Features: 7

The Melody offers a high quality list of features if you are in the market for a new Bluetooth headset.  First, and most importantly for the person on the go, the headset will play music for over six hours and has a stand-by time of ninety hours.  The battery will also go from dead to fully charged in just forty-five minutes.  No need to worry about plugging this device in when you go to bed or keeping it constantly connected to an outlet.  Going forward, we would love to see the charger switch from a proprietary link to the micro USB.  Everyone loses a cable or forgets it when they need it the most.

The Melody has a flat ergonomic design that allows the headset to lay flat around the neck when you’re not listening the headset.  This design is often overlooked by manufactures.  Everyone has at one time experienced ear fatigue, only to forget where they last put down their device.  Not an issue for the Melody, because it can sit comfortably around your neck.

Value: 7.5

The Melody is currently available for a purchase price of $89.00.  The price may seem high for anyone looking at an entry level Bluetooth headset, but because the Melody is multipurpose, one does not have to sacrifice sound or call quality when purchasing this device.  The ergonomic design and the strong battery life will make sure this headset ends up in your backpack or briefcase.

Ease of Use/Comfort: 9

The SuperTooth Melody headphone is one of the easiest to pair with your devices.  During testing and pairing with multiple Android devices, the headset did not require me to enter a password.  Many people suffer high frustration when it comes to pairing a device for the first time.  Once paired, the Melody operates with just one hand.  The headset only utilizes six buttons: two buttons for volume control and the other buttons to start/stop music and skip tracks.  The Melody has the perfect control for all levels of users.

The Melody ear cups are covered with a premium-feeling leather.  The headphone sits comfortably and properly on one’s head.  Users will be more than satisfied moving in these headphones. One minor issue that kept the Melody from scoring a full ten out of ten was the fact that the headphones cannot fully envelop anyone with a slightly larger than average ear.  This headset would work best if you have small or average ears.

SuperTooth has managed to sell over six million Bluetooth devices since 2004.  Their experience in this category cannot be overlooked, and if one is looking for a daily multipurpose device that can handle the rigors of your day without breaking the bank, be sure to check out the SuperTooth Melody.

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