Sound: 10

We found the sound quality of the Siberia Elite to be excellent in all tested situations. The volume was good and the signal was very clear. You can further customize the sound on this headset using the software included. One of the best sound features this headset has to offer is the ability to playback Dolby 7.1 sound. It is worth mentioning that in order to hear this signal, your computer will have to be able to send that signal to the headphones or you will need to use the included external sound card. However, as long as your computer is up to the task or you use the sound card, the headset can follow suit. Whether you use the headset with your phone, portable gaming device or PC, this headset is sure to sound great and provide you with a solid gaming experience.


Features: 9

SteelSeries is known to throw in plenty of features when you purchase their products and the Siberia Elite is no exception. The Siberia Elite features on-ear controls which allow you to control the volume or basic headset functions right from a dial on both ear cups. The right ear cup is your volume control and the left allows you to control the mic functions. Their system works just as well as a regular inline control and for those that prefer to keep your cord free, this is a great option.

One of our personal favorite features is the patch through plug which allows friends to plug their headset into yours allowing both people to hear the same thing. This is a great option for families or friends that are travelling but want to watch the same movie on a device. It doesn’t seem like a big addition, but many SteelSeries headsets include this function and it definitely sets them apart.

The microphone is a boom style microphone but this one retracts into the headset itself. It allows you to tuck away the mic whenever you don’t need it. This is a great alternative to permanent booms and it makes travelling with the headset much easier. If you ever got accused of looking like an air traffic controller while listening to music on a gaming headset will know exactly what we mean.

Finally, the headset includes a LED ring around both ear cups that allow the user to customize the color of the lighting effects. While it may not be a big deal for some, having the ability to create a uniformed look is a nice touch and helps allow this headset to blend in with the rest of your gaming tech. Overall, the SteelSeries Elite offers a full range of features that make this headset stand out among a sea of other devices.


Value: 8

At an MSRP of $199.99, the Siberia Elite is a touch on the expensive side for this caliber of gaming headset. While one would expect something a little cheaper, there are a few unique perks to this headset that could convince someone to spend a little extra money. Having the ability to customize the lighting effect and having an audio patch through are worth the investment to the right gamer, so you’ll have to decide if these unique features are enough to spend the extra cash. In our eyes, the Siberia Elite is worth the investment, especially when you consider you are only paying a slightly higher markup than with other competitors and you just don’t see lighting or patch-throughs anywhere else.


Ease of Use / Comfort: 8

We found the Siberia Elite extremely easy to use and customize. The headset comes with the SteelSeries Engine 3 software that controls all the headsets functions. Whether you want to play with the equalizer, change the color or activate the noise reduction, it is all done through the software. You simply plug in the headset, install the headset and you are ready to go. The whole process took less than 5 minutes so just about anyone can take full advantage of the gaming hardware.

Overall, we found the headset to be quite comfortable as well. The headset features two overstufed ear cups which sit on your head like two pillows. There is quite a bit of memory foam which also aid in keeping the headset fairly noise resistant. Some sound will leak into the headset, but overall the outside world is fairly muted. The only issue with the headset we experienced is the comfort fit tension head band. If you have a larger head, the tension headband will over-extend pushing the ear cups away from your head. This effect may be preferred by some gamers looking for a looser fit. However, if you are looking for a tight fit and you have a larger head, this headset may not be the exact fit for you. We would recommend trying a pair on before you buy it just to make sure you don’t experience any issues.


Overall: 8.75

Overall, the SteelSeries Siberia Elite is an excellent headset. It features a rich, full sound that is sure to please the inner audiophile in you while providing all the feature you need to stay at the top of your game. The headset is geared towards being portable so whether you are on the go or you want a new headset for your rig, this headset will do the job. It isn’t a perfect headset in all categories, but it is certainly deserving of your hard-earned gaming dollars. Therefore, we highly recommend you get your hands on the new SteelSeries Siberia Elite.

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