SteelSeries has finally made a push into the wireless category and boy did they make a splash. Introducing the H Wireless, the newest headset from SteelSeries which features a wireless headset capable of being used with just about any platform out there including a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One. This extremely versatile headset has lots of new and innovative features which definitely make the headset stand out among its peers. While having lots of new features is a great thing for the consumer, does it translate to something you’d use and appreciate? Read on to find out.

Sound: 9

The H Wireless contains your standard 4omm driver which is what you’d find in all high-end headsets. The driver delivers plenty of power so whether you like to play it loud or keep things on the quieter side, this headset will suit all tastes. What makes this headset stand out from a sound quality perspective is the technology driving those speakers. The headset is capable of delivering a Dolby Surround Sound signal wirelessly. Having a solid surround sound signal is essential for gamers since directionality is something that mean the difference between winning and losing. Thankfully, the H Wireless has you covered and gives you the tools you need to not only enjoy the ambiance of the game you are playing, but give you the advantage of knowing where your next kill is coming from.


Features: 10

The H Wireless has some of the strongest, and most unique, features around. There are several options that make it hard not to buy the H Wireless right off the bat. First, and probably most obvious, is that this headset is wireless. However, the fact that this headset can be used on virtually any device makes the wireless function even more attractive. There aren’t a ton of headsets that are compatible with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One right off the bat, but the H Wireless is able to connect and work right away. Just as easily, you can disconnect it from your PlayStation 4 and plug it into your Xbox 360 and be ready to play within minutes. It is this level of flexibility that really makes this headset something special. We live in an age where the average gamer has more than one system and PC is becoming more popular by the minute. The H Wireless can adapt to any system you have and truly be only headset you need.

One of the most interesting and functional features is the way SteelSeries designed the battery. The H Wireless contains a removable battery which can be removed from the headset quite easily. While this may not sound like news, the H Wireless comes with a second battery allowing you to charge one battery while you play with the other. The best part is the transmitter has a slot on the side that charges the battery while you play, ensuring that you don’t misplace the extra battery and you’ll always have a fully charged battery ready to go. This charging system is very unique and an ingenious way to make sure your game is uninterrupted for as long as possible. Swapping batteries takes a matter of seconds so this headset is perfect for long gaming sessions. This feature alone is worth the price, but there are plenty of other features that make this headset stand out.


Some people don’t care for wireless applications because the transmitter box gets in the way of a busy gaming space. However, The H wireless has a transmitter contains an LED display which allows it to take on multiple functions at once. The transmitter stores profiles of your most used devices, so whether you are playing on your PC or your PlayStation 3, the transmitter can store all your preferences in one convenient place. You can also adjust the chat / game mix or perform audio tweaks all on the transmitter. As mentioned earlier, the transmitter also charges your extra battery, so even though the transmitter has to be kept close by, it performs a number of functions that could potentially save you time over installing and managing your hardware with a software component.

Finally, one of the best functions of this headset is the fact that everything can be controlled on the headset itself or on the transmitter. There are several buttons on the headset itself that allow you to increase the volume, adjust the chat mix, change equalizer settings, etc. This is a great function so you never have to mess around with software profiles or change settings outside of the game. Everything is literally at your fingertips and it is a great solution.


Value: 10

The unit itself costs $299 MSRP and though that may seem like a lot, it is a great price for an all-in-one solution like the H Wireless. The unit can connect with just about any console on the market today allowing you the flexibility you need. Most gamers have multiple consoles and this headset works with all of them. To get a headset that works with everything is rare and having one that works wirelessly is even rarer. If you are serious about games and you want something that is going to cover all your needs, look no further than the H Wireless.

Ease of Use / Comfort: 10

The H Wireless has one of the simplest setups we’ve ever encountered. The H Wireless draws power from USB, so you can plug it directly into the USB port on your console of choice. Then you simply plug-in the optical cable, if you want Dolby support, or use an analog cable for older systems and that is it. There are no patch-through solutions or piggyback cables to worry about. All you need is two plugs and you are ready to go. Not having to take up an electrical outlet is great as well, so if you have a crowded gaming space like we do, this is a perfect solution.


As far as comfort, the headset was very comfortable to wear. It wasn’t the cushy Siberia Pro, but it held up very well with long gaming sessions. The headset uses an ample amount of memory foam for the ear cups and headband so no matter your head size and shape, you’ll enjoy wearing this headset. The mic boom was retractable, like with many models of headset from SteelSeries, and it provided a convenient solution if you didn’t want to have the boom extended all the time. The headset worked great and felt just as good, we know you’ll feel the same.

Overall: 9.5

Overall, the H Wireless is one of the finest headsets we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. This headset provides interesting and intuitive solutions for common problems with headsets today. It seemed like SteelSeries really paid attention to what gamers want, as far as features were concerned, and delivered the perfect solution. If you want the headset that will grow and adapt to how you game, both now and in the future, you need to look into the H Wireless. We loved our time with the unit and we give it our highest recommendation.

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  • Sketp3k

    Honestly I don’t think I can justify $299 when you can get a wireless sony elite headset for $100. It can also be used on PC, not sure about Xbox, though.

    • Thinkaboutit

      ^THIS KIDS A TOOL. It says it can right in the article u fanboy POS. Stop posting in every article and get a life . Damn.

    • Joe Marchese

      Honestly, the Sony Elite is a headset for a very specific purpose. Sure, if all you are looking for is a wireless headset for the PlayStation then this headset isn’t the best option. However, this headset is better quality headset overall meaning that it has a better build quality and it has better components, the Elite isn’t Dolby certified, and the H Wireless works on literally everything PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Vita, iPhone, Android, iPad, iPods, you name it; it works on it. Its all in what you are looking for.

  • JD

    These are WORTH EVERY PENNY! I have these and they are the best headset I have owned. The surround sound is way better than my last headset, the A40’s. I agree with the review score of 9.5.

  • killthemall

    I have them as well, worth every penny and one of the best headsets you can get.