Author’s Note:  I would like to remind everyone reading this review that the scores given are based entirely on how the phone preformed while playing games. We are not testing how the phone works on individual providers in regards to coverage reliability or individual network services.

As handset technology continues to improve, gamers are getting an ever increasing ecosystem of operating systems, games, and handsets to play those games. The Motorola name has been in the news recently for a multitude of reasons, none being bigger than the sales of Motorola by Google to device manufacturer Lenovo.            Because of all the recent publicity and your affinity to the awesome Motorola Razor a decade ago you may be asking yourself, “Am I ready to give Motorola another chance?” Well let’s take a look and see how the device performs.

Moto X Peripheral Review

Screen:  7

The Motorola X certainly will not be confused as a “phablet” or super phone as it packs a 4.7 inch AMOLED screen. The screen size is larger than any iphone used to this point and seems to fit in the sweet spot for average cell phone users. The phone is big enough to game yet small enough to fit in your pocket. Unfortunately, continuing the negative tone, the screen is packing a sub-HD resolution.  The pixel count falls short by offering only a 1280 x 720 screen resolution. However, do not let the stats ruin your opinion of this phone before you look at it.  The screen is vibrant, sharp, and because it uses an AMOLED screen, it will give you better outdoor gaming performance than a standard LED screen.

Chipset & OS: 8

The Motorola X is powered by a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor which are specifically engineered to provide a high quality, entertainment-related performance. The processor was extremely reliable during testing of this device. We were able to play games, search the internet, make calls, and complete all cell phone related tasks without noticing any lag while switching from application to application. Additionally, the Motorola X runs the most recent update of the Android operating system known as “Kit Kat” which will provide you with the most current and powerful Android OS yet.

Battery Life: 7

As far as battery power is concerned, this device could use some improvement. The battery is statistically under-powered coming in 2200 mAh which is less than the LG G2 or the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is just two of its competitors. So if you’re a hardcore mobile gamer, your phone will run out of juice before you get to lunch time.  However, if you are a causal gamer, the battery does provide some upside because of what the phone’s software and display mechanics can do to improve the length of the your charge. The Motorola X uses “Active Display” which limits the power sent to the screen when just checking for notifications. Instead of using power to turn on the entire screen, the AMOLED and “Active Display” illuminates the clock and notifications settings. The rest of the screen remains turned off thus extending the life of your charge. Motorola’s innovations with extending the life of an already lean battery clearly passes the test.

Moto x Peripheral Review

Other features / Availability: 9

The Motorola X really separates itself from the competition when  it comes to personalization. Rather than having the same phone as everyone else, Motorola gives the customer the chance to showcase their own personality on each device. Ordering the device from Moto Maker allows each person to completely customize the device’s color from front to back. These color options allows the users to really make the phone their own and stand out, not only among others who have the same model of phone, but among all mobile phone owners in general. In a sea of black and white phones, having the ability to bring some color to the device itself is a nice touch and makes the phone stand out among its peers. It was refreshing not to have to rely on cases and modifications to make the phone your own.

Overall: 8

Overall, the Motorola X is a solid phone that offers everyone a chance to stand out and be different. The Active Display technology more than makes up for a slightly under powered battery and the AMOLED screen is so vibrant no one will ask you “What is the pixel count?” The 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor also gives you plenty of power to run the latest games and apps without sacrificing performance, which is the most important factor when choosing a phone for gaming. When shopping for your next phone be sure to give the Motorola X some serious consideration as your next mobile gaming peripheral, it stood the rigor of our testing just as we know it will for you as well.

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