Logitech has wanted to release a product that could be tuned for each individual gamer. Everyone games differently, so it makes sense that not every mouse is going to be perfect for everyone. That is why Logitech crunched the tech department and came up with the G502. The G502 has been designed in such a way that a gamer can approach the mouse in their own unique style and comfort and make this mouse work for them. With several advanced tuning options that can customize the mouse both physically and functionally, this mouse offers a unique customization system that will make any gamer feel like home. However, is there more to this mouse than just an interesting way to customize the mouse? Read on and find out.



Customization: 10

The G502 was built specifically with customization in mind and that is exactly what this mouse delivers. There are several different features that this mouse provides that really aren’t seen anywhere else. To start, the G502 allows you to calibrate the mouse to the type of surface you use. This will assist the mouse in tracking your movements so you’ll never get any slipping or lost mouse movements. This is certainly a unique feature but it does allow the mouse to adapt to just about any surface you use from a wood grain to a pre-optimized Logitech mouse surface. The Logitech Gaming Software handles this process and it is done with 30 seconds, so it is certainly worth going through.

In addition to the software being able to calibrate the mouse, the software also controls the array of customizable buttons which is almost synonymous with the Logitech brand. The mouse itself has 11 programmable buttons, all of which are controlled through the Logitech Gaming Software. Simply open the software, click the button you want to program and tell it what you want it to do. The process couldn’t be any easier and the flexibility gamers get from this layout will suit just about any style of play. It is a great level of control and if you play PC games, this mouse really caters to your needs.

Finally, the G502 comes with five 3.6g weights which allows gamers to control the weight and balance of their mouse. Whether you prefer loading the weight to a particular side or just having a heavier mouse, the customization options are there. A panel at the bottom of the mouse open up, without any button presses, revealing the racks where you can stack your weights. The racks are evenly spaced and allow the user to balance the mouse however they are comfortable. This option is rarely seen in gaming mice today, but it is great to see that Logitech has not forgotten about this level of customization and the importance of comfort in your gaming peripherals.


Value: 9

At an MSRP of $79.99, the value this mouse delivers is very high. Most gaming mice in this range go over the $100 mark often. However, Logitech found a way to keep the price point low, while delivering a ton of options. While there are some mice out there that are cheaper, few will deliver the way the G502 does. With this level of customization and the list of features that cater to gamers individual needs, it is hard to get more value from the G502 than other model of gaming mice. If you are looking for something that can perform up to your expectations, while still keeping to a budget, the G502 should be strongly considered.

Features: 10

The G502 not only looks sharp, it contains a feature set that will be hard to match. Logitech has always been known to innovate with their gaming mice lines to give gamers the most comfortable and functional experiences possible. To start, the G502 comes with a laser capable of reaching up to 12,000 DPI. This level of sensitivity is unprecedented and so lightning-fast, we’d have a hard time believing anyone that says they need a laser that fast. However, if you wanted to try and play with a mouse that is more sensitive than anything else on the market, the G502 stands along. Luckily, the laser can be tuned up or down on the fly with a click of wheel buttons. While you may never need 12,000 DPI of sensitivity, there are plenty of other settings to make sure you’ll game comfortably and reliably.

In keeping up with the ultra-fast gaming theme, the G502 has a wheel scrolling feature that allows for normal usage or a free-spinning mode which greatly reduces the wheel tension and allows for super-fast scrolling. If you ever wanted to get through thousands of pages of text in an instant, this mode will surely get it done in record time. However, gamers can easily utilize this function for quick game scrolling and map-maneuverability. It would take some getting used to, since this feature is unique to this model of mouse, it may be the difference between winning and losing, so its certainly worth playing with.

The G502 can also be tuned to the surface you are using to ensure proper performance. The G502 comes pre-tuned to some of Logitech’s surfaces, but anything else can be tuned by just using the software. After a few minutes, the mouse will learn how to react to the surface you use and ensure that you’ll always get the performance you expect from the mouse. Since every surface reflects light differently, this is one step that many mouse manufactures fail to take into consideration. While this particular feature may not come into consideration for most gamers, higher-level gamers may notice a difference so having this capability is important.

Finally, the G502 comes with several other features that may be important to you as a gamer. For instance, the mouse comes with a 32-bit microcontroller ensuring a fast and customizable experience. The mouse allows for up to three profiles to be stored on the mouse itself with countless others to be stored on your PC. Whether you switch profiles often, or you only use a few different profiles sparingly, this mouse has you covered. The primary buttons were rated for up to 20 million clicks ensuring that you get a long life out of your mouse. Finally, the mouse contains a braided cable with a cable tie-back ensuring that the cable never gets in the way and that the mouse will always travel well. As you can tell, this mouse was built with the gamer in mind and there are plenty of high-end features to ensure that any gamer who picks it up will benefit.


Function: 10

From a functional standpoint, the G502 surpassed all our expectations and performed brilliantly on all the tasks we presented it with. Whether we played an MMO and programmed macros to its customizable keys, turned up the sensitivity and played as sniper on the latest FPS or just surfed the web, this mouse handled it all. With a 32-bit micro-controller and support for Logitech’s excellent gaming software, this mouse was up to the test. We can say with certainty that this mouse is built to last and will give you a high level of flexibility without any sacrifice to its performance. This is truly a unique and powerful piece of gaming hardware and we know it will serve you well.

Overall: 9.75

Overall, the G502 is a high-end gaming mouse for a low-end price. This is one of the best mice we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing and we know that if you need a mouse that can handle your style of play, the G502 will live up to your expectations. We know that performance is everything, especially when you are in the heat of battle, so getting the right peripherals are important. That is why we can say with confidence that the G502 is a mouse that will make sure that your gaming sessions will be determined by your own skill rather than your gaming peripherals getting in your way.

Peripheral Review: Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Plenty of High-End Features
  • High Level of Performance
  • The Mouse Design is Better for Claw Grip rather than Palm Grip Gamers
9.7Overall Score
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