Gioteck has been a leading provider of video game accessories for a while and the time has come for New Gamer Nation to take a closer look at one of its offerings. We recently got our hands on the Gioteck AX1-R Headset which was designed to be used exclusively for the PlayStation 4. This is one of the first offerings for the PlayStation 4 from this company and we were fortunate enough to take a closer look. This headset is part of the budget class of headsets and features an MSRP of $35 USD. Therefore, we will be judging the headset based off its competitors rather than other headsets on the market today.


Sound: 6

The sound from this headset is surprisingly good when you consider the price point of the headset itself. Sure, this is not going to give you directional sound, but what you do hear is clear and crisp. The problem comes in when you consider the volume of the headset itself. This headset uses one plug that goes directly into the PS4 controller. The controller, therefore, powers the headset. This doesn’t leave a lot of extra power for performance and it shows in the AX1-R. You can easily put the volume all the way to max and still not get the levels you’d want to play with. In addition, this tends to drain your PS4 controller more quickly than it would otherwise drain. This will lead to you playing with the controller plugged in which may or may not be a problem when all is said and done. In addition, you are unable to adjust the chat and game volume independently. There is only one master volume dial on the in-line controller so you can only bring everything up or everything down. This is a more advanced feature, but it can be frustrating if you are in a chatty game and you want to hear what’s going on without muting everything or the game itself.

Features: 8

When you consider other headsets in this class, the AX1-R offers a standard and simple set of features. The headset features a reticulating mic boom that can sit all the way up or all the way down. The boom is also flexible and moves closer or further away from your face. This allows you to choose a good position when chatting on the mic or in-game situations. The headset also features an in-line controller which allows you to mute the mic with one button. You can also control the headset’s volume from the controller as well. The in-line controller is fairly basic, but it is definitely functional and a nice addition to the headset itself. The AX1-R has a tangle free, flat cable that keeps the wires from getting caught up in themselves. This is certainly something unique and not often seen in headsets at this level. The earcups themselves feature a fairly standard 40mm driver which performs well, but is definitely under-powered by design. We’re sure there is more power to be tapped here but you just need more to tap into. This would require a second power cable and that may not be a great option for everyone, but it is tantalizing to know what could have been. Finally, the headset features an all-plastic construction that keeps the headset incredibly light. If you’ve ever had issues with headset weight or overbuilt construction, this is a great option to take a look at.


Value: 10

At an MSRP of $35, the price is one of the strongest features of this headset. At this price, it places the AX1-R squarely in the budget category while it still retains some mid-range features making this headset a great value. It is nice to see a recognizable brand with an entry in this category. You get the performance of a better headset for a budget price and with that, everyone wins.

Ease of Use / Comfort: 10

The AX1-R is incredibly simple to use, simply plug it in and you are off to the races. Most of the time, the PS4 will self-configure the headset. In case it doesn’t, simply go into the sound settings on the PS4 and set the option to accept both chat and audio in one signal. This is a very simple process and with only one plug to worry about, it is hard not to get this headset working immediately. There are no options to configure, no settings to adjust so it really doesn’t get any easier than this.

As far as comfort is concerned, this headset does a nice job. As mentioned above, the headset is all plastic so it is very light on your head. The ear cups and headband are nicely padded with memory foam and a faux leather finish. You should be able to wear this headset without any problems over a long period of time. Because this headset is mostly plastic, there is a certain amount of give in the fit, so when you combine that with the light weight, you have a very comfortable headset.


Overall: 8.5

When you consider the price category and the features you are getting out of the box, the AX1-R does a nice job of providing a high value to cost ratio. Sure, this headset is not going to give you any fancy bells and whistles, but if you want something cheap and functional, you can’t do much better than this headset here. We enjoyed our time with the headset and we know that the budget conscious consumer will feel like they got a great deal for a great price with the Gioteck AX1-R. If you have a PlayStation 4, and you are looking for a headset, you should look into the AX1-R it may just surprise you.

Peripheral Review: Gioteck AX1-R Headset
Overall Score8.5
  • Great Value for the Money
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Light Weight Construction
  • The Ear Cups are Underpowered
  • Unable to Balance Chat / Music Volume
8.5Overall Score
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