PAX East 2014 Cosplay Gallery – Day 1

New Gamer Nation knows that Cosplay is a very important part of any convention out there. Fans from all over come together in one place to declare their love for a particular franchise or character in grand fashion. We made it our goal to bring you all the tributes in the form of cosplay during this year’s PAX East show. Take a look and enjoy.

Cosplay from Day 1 Friday





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About The Author

Jon Chaplin is a Co-founder of New Gamer Nation. He's a fun loving guy who loves to try new things, especially video games.

  • Ethan (Joker)

    Do you have any pictures of Joker and Batman? If ya do, I’d love to see them!

    • Joe Marchese, Editor in Chief

      Hey Ethan, Everything that our team shot, should be online and separated by day. Occasionally, pictures get lost due to mechanical failure, but most of the time they make it up without a problem. I’d say look through the gallery and see if you find it, you could also try the other Day’s gallery since it may have been uploaded to a different place.

  • Ethan (Joker)

    Hey Jon, didn’t see them (I had looked before I asked) but I know you took some cause you (or someone from NGN) handed us a card and told us to keep an eye out.