The team over at WB games were fantastic in giving us plenty of time to spend with their games along with having a developer with each game to help explain everything.  Be sure to check out our other WB Games impressions. Additionally, we were able to record a 10 minute interview with the one of the developers for The Witcher 2 .  Please take some time and give a listen by clicking play below.


Greatest Opening Ever?

Before playing NGN was shown, perhaps the greatest intro to a game, ever.  I cannot believe those graphics came from an Xbox 360.  Blood, guts, gore, jesters, and witchcraft on a ship made for a cinematic classic.  Most of the time gamers just skip past the opening scenes to begin playing immediately.  I would not recommend doing that.  Sit back and enjoy.

Polish Pride: 

The game is based on a series of books that go by the same name.  Authored by the famed Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The Witcher 2  builds on the great foundation of his first short story, The Witcher.  In fact during our game play we found out that this game has a HUGE PC following back in Poland.  Additionally, when our President Obama visited the country he received a copy of The Witcher. The people of Poland have come to love this story, author and game and if the Polish Government feels that it belongs in a welcoming basket to foreign dignitaries, then it’s good enough for you.

Overall impressions: 

After the great opening video you will agree that it is a must play.  Graphics during the actual game play were just as impressive.  The controls were easy to grasp and handle during out initial trail for the game.  The ability to utilize magic and swords as weapons makes for some great carnage.   Lastly, the developers have actually listened to their fans.  The Witcher 2 has already been released, but the dev team took suggestions to improve the game by listening to what their fans has said on forums and via social networking sites.  The Enhanced Version has improved game play, added game play fixes and has changed the ending to something they feel the fans will be more impressed with.  Finally, both Joe and I came away saying that this game has a chance to become a personal favorite.  We, like everyone else, will have to wait for its release until we can form our final opinion but at this time we feel it deserves a place in your gaming library.

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