Ubisoft was in full force on the show floor and Far Cry 3 had one of the largest stages there. They were showing off the massive multiplayer capabilities of the game, and everything ran perfectly. This was an impressive game and we knew we had to learn more so we got a hold of the game designer, Daniel Berlin, and picked his brain about Far Cry 3. Please click the play button for the audio or read the transcript below.

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NGN – This is Joe from New Gamer Nation and we are here to talk about Far Cry 3. So why don’t you tell us a little about what you have going on today?

DH – So what we are showing today is the domination game mode which is a classic game mode so we really wanted to show our type of game play and how that plays in a domination mode. We have a very high incentive on team play and team play action so it is very interesting to see how that plays out on a classical game mode. Of course, for the full game we are going to have other game modes and totally unique game modes.

NGN – So the final game is going to have more game modes obviously, so do you know what direction that is going to go in?

DH – We announced two game modes now which is domination and a brand new mode called firestorm. The firestorm game mode is like in Far Cry 2 was very big on fire and we wanted to bring that back so we created a game mode that is solely focused on fire so at the beginning of the match you are going to see this lush tropical Far Cry Island but at the end of the match it is going to be trapped inside a huge inferno and the entire map is going to be on fire. As the fire progresses we change the flow of the map dynamically as well.

NGN – So Far Cry 2 came out a little while ago, how does this game coincide with Far Cry 2?

DH – In terms of the single player campaign it is a new story. To take the multiplayer part, we have a whole studio, Massive in Sweeden, who did the entire multiplayer part. Far Cry 3 is going to have a whole new experience that Far Cry 2 did not have.

NGN – With all new maps and modes, What else can gamers expect from Far Cry 3?

DH – They can expect a very fast paced action packed game, but again I really want to push the fact that we put a lot of emphasis on the team play and we award team play very heavily as well. So its not going to be the guy that gets a lot of kills, we don’t give him a new tool to get more kills. We reward the guy who team plays, the guy who executes battle cries and revives. He gets access to the heavy weapons that he can call in on a map and get even more kills. Like the site gas for example which is a team support where you drop down a chemical gas on the ground and it makes enemies go insane. They don’t know who is friend or foe and everyone looks like a dark demon with glowing eyes and we remove name tags and turn friendly fire on. It creates total mayhem.

Far Cry 3 will be released on September 4th in the US and September 7th in the UK on the PC, PS3 and Xbox360 consoles. Make sure to get your hands on this title when it is released, it is lots of fun.

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