As some video creators probably already know, working with Nintendo on the video sharing program has been challenging. As soon as you post a video with a Nintendo game in it, you get flagged and will have to take it down. However, Nintendo has unveiled a new plan to allow gamers to show their games online while Nintendo takes its cut.

The program is called the Nintendo Creators Program and it is now in beta form but it is planned to launch on May 27th. To join, you need a PayPal and a Google account. When you sign up, you’ll be allowed to steam Wii U games or include Nintendo’s IP in your videos. However, you will only get 60% of the revenue generated by the video. If you dedicate an entire channel to Nintendo games, you’ll get 70% of the revenue. Payments will be made via Paypal, and sent two months after your monthly views are tallied.

So what do you think of the program, is this a step in the right direction?

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  • Nconnors13

    It’s a step for sure, better than no Nintendo, but it still restricts YouTube content creators. I believe many people purchase games after watching a Let’s Player (I know I have). It’s almost free marketing. I think Nintendo is limiting the amount of people who will record gameplay of Nintendo games, and in doing so, they are actually preventing more of their games from being sold.