A Trackball controller has been put up on Kickstarter by Peter Von Buskirk who has been trying to change the way gamers play since 2005. His latest version of his Trackball controller is trying to raise $125,000 and is currently siting at around $10,000 on Kickstarter. The controllers concept has remained unchanged since it was introduced a year ago. The design takes a PlayStation controller and removes the right analog stick. This is where the trackball is installed.

The design was adapted for the PlayStation 2 where it was called the Reflex Controller. It was featured at several E3s but never got produced as they were not able to secure enough pre-orders. Peter Von Buskirk said “I have always speculated that it was due to limited public awareness or a skeptical attitude toward a then-unusual pre-sale site, Maybe if Kickstarter has existed then, it would have succeeded. You never know.” The prototype controller is a PC only controller today and the funds will be spent on engineering upgrades, creating a tool required for the controller’s molded plastic, component acquisition, manufacturing, assembly and shipping costs. So stay tuned to NGN for all the latest Kickstarter news.

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