If you haven’t yet heard of the Humble Indie Bundle 6, then now is the perfect time. Located at HumbleBundle.com, the Humble Indie Bundle 6 is a collection of eleven indie games in one package. The games within the bundle are multi-platform (Mac, Windows, or Linux), DRM (Digital Rights Management) free, and independently developed. You get to set the price for how much you want to pay.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 is also geared toward charity. In being able to pay what you want, you get to divide up where your proceeds go, either to the developers of the games, the Child’s Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 is available for purchase and offers a great selection of games, these being Rochard, Shatter, Space Pirates and Zombies (S.P.A.Z.), Torchlight, and Vessel. If you pay more than the average price (which is currently $6.11), you get Dustforce as a bonus game. However, four more games were recently added to the line-up. Like Dustforce, if you pay more then the average price, you get Bit.Trip Runner, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown, and Wizorb. Furthermore, you receive all of these games’ soundtracks with your purchase as a bonus.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 is only available for a limited time. As of now, five days remain until the bundle is no longer available for purchase.  So what are you waiting for? This exceptional bundle of games can be yours for only $6.11, where if you were to purchase them all separately, it would cost more then $135. Sounds like quite the deal, and it doesn’t hurt that you’re supporting charity by picking this package up.

More information on the Humble Indie Bundle 6, as well as how to purchase it, can be found at Humble Bundle’s official website.

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