According to a report from Variety, early next year the TV station known as G4 will be “rebranded”.  The “rebranding” will include a shift in focus and possibly a name change.

Basically what this means is that G4 as you may know it will cease to exist and it will be replaced with a whole new/different channel.

G4 was originally a channel solely for gamers, but as the years went by it expanded its concentration to a more general geek demographic.  The owners of the station, NBCU, now want G4 to become more of a GQ-esque type of channel that is focused more on the modern male.

The discovery of G4’s change in focus comes as a surprise, but not a big surprise since G4 has continued to shed away shows geared toward it’s core audience.  When faces of the network, Adam Sessler and Kevin Pereira, left G4 many fans, or former fans, of G4 began predicting the end of the channel.  With G4 out of the way, will Spike TV invest more resources into Gametrailers TV to increase its presence?

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  • If this does happen I highly doubt we’ll get more GameTrailers on Spike since they seem to be more focused on Mixed Martial Arts and the silly original programming they have on their channel now.

    I just want to know where I’m going to get my Cops reruns.

  • Ryan McNeal

    Haha, you can never get enough Cops

  • ArthouseConverter

    Bring back TechTV!
    If not, do more film reviews.

  • “G4 to become more of a GQ-esque type of channel that is focused more on the modern male.” This means they’re probably going to start playing that stereotypical filth like SpikeTV does assuming what all guys like kind of like Manswers and other shows.

  • Serves them right for dismantling TechTV. FUCK YOU COMCAST.