Ubisoft Montreal is bringing their upcoming open world action-adventure game, Watch Dogs, back into the spotlight with a brand new developer dairy.  If you can remember, Watch Dogs was the big surprise this year at E3, quickly becoming the star of the event.

The game takes place in Chicago, IL, in an alternate reality where a supercomputer known CtOS (Central Operating System) controls almost every single piece of technology in the city.  The game’s main character, Aiden Pearce, can use any device linked to the CtOS to manipulate the supercomputer and help him accomplish his goals.  In the E3 trailer, Pearce was seen using this ability to jam cellphones to cause a distraction, retrieve information on targets, create a car crash, trapping his target by manipulating traffic lights, and more.

Unfortunately, there’s not much gameplay footage in this two and a half minute video, but at least the developers have brought the game back to the public’s attention.

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