If you didn't hear, news of Hideo Kojima showing off a new project spread earlier this month, and according to reports, it was shown at Metal Gear Solid's 25th Anniversary event, using Kojima Production's new homemade engine, Fox Engine. The demo has taken the title, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Though pictures and videos weren't permitted throughout the showing of the demo, 8-4's John Riccardi and Mark MacDonald explained that the demo started out with a real-time cutscene, and then went into some gameplay. The gam

eplay showcased Snake killing guards in a nice, open world area, stealthily sneaking through the area and evading search lights, and riding around in a jeep. Reportedly, the demo ran on a PC.

Currently, it can't be said if this was a showcase of the possible Metal Gear Solid 5, or this was just a demo to show us the abilities of the Fox Engine with Snake involved. Tell us what you think of the reported showcase down below in the comments. Below you can watch Hideo Kojima's very first showing of his Fox Engine at E3 2011 in an interview.



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