BioWare has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U will include an interactive back story for Mass Effect 1 and 2, making up for the Wii‘s lack of those games. BioWare has also announced that they will be releasing past DLC for it, such as From Ashes, the Extended Cut, Rebellion, Resurgence and Earth multiplayer packs, and a bonus heavy weapon, will all be included on the disc, making it a pretty nice purchase for those that need to catch up on the ME universe.

A spokesman for Bioware put it simply: “The updated version will allow Wii U players to get the back story of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and will allow them to make decisions at key story points. These choices will then create a save game for you that can be imported into the game, opening up more storylines for each player.”

The special edition of Mass Effect 3, exclusively for the Wii U, will release on November 18. If you haven’t already picked it up in the last eight months, this is a perfect opportunity to start your Wii U collection off right.



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