Could it actually be possible that somewhere in the dark reaches of space lies something so powerful it could bring down a Reaper?  You’ll find the answer to that question and many more in Mass Effect 3‘s upcoming single player DLC Leviathan.

In this new DLC you’ll join Commander Shepard as he races against time to discover the galaxy’s closest guarded secret before the Reapers are able to destroy it.  Through your mission you will shed some light on the dark history behind the Reapers origin and unravel the secrets of the Leviathan.  The new mission will offer new interactions with new characters as you explore new areas of the galaxy and Citadel.  You will also be able to unlock two new single player guns, the AT-12 Raider shotgun and M-55 Argus assault rifle.

To go with the new story-driven DLC BioWare will also be releasing a new Firefight Weapon Pack.  This DLC will include two new powerful weapons and five bonus weapons to help you push back the Reaper forces.  Firefight will be available on August 7 for $2 and Leviathan will be available later this summer for $10.

In addition to this news, BioWare also announced today that they will be bringing Mass Effect 3 to the Wii U as a launch title.  The Wii U version of the game will feature a new control scheme to accommodate the Wii U‘s Wiipad.  It will also come with bonus DLC including the Extended Cut ending, interactive back story to cover the events from the last two games, and Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer.






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