By now, most folks have heard of the simple yet fantastic indie horror game Slender, and if you haven’t then you should crawl from out underneath that rock of yours and check it out.

The creator of the game however, Mark Hadley, has just announced that in a combined effort with Blue Isle Studios, he is making a sequel to the game titled Slender: The Arrival.  According to a teaser website, this new Slender title comes with “more levels, improved visuals, and an engaging storyline.”  There will also be a “commercial release” of the game, which most likely entails that The Arrival will not be free-to-play.  So far two screens have been released (look below!), showing off the new graphical updates to the game as well as a new HUD.

Slender was a truly terrifying treat, however will The Arrival be just as terrifying?  Will improved graphics make the game that much scarier, or just dampen the whole experience?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to New Gamer Nation for all the latest in gaming news.

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