Ubisoft has announced that post-apocalyptic action game I Am Alive will be released for Windows PCs through their online store and other digital retailers on September 13th at the price of $15.

In the game you control a man seeking his wife and daughter across a ruined city filled with unpredictable NPCs and dilapitaded buildings which you have climb and explore. The game sharply divided critics when it was released on consoles early this year, with some praising its dreary world and storytelling while others considered the gameplay mecha

nics too repetitive and in some cases broken.

According to Ubisoft this port contains higher resolutions and sharper graphics. An Easy mode has been added which allows for infinite retries and a “smoother introduction” to the game. Also included is a Replay option which allows users to play levels again.

Ubisoft had previously put a PC port in doubt when, back in November, creative director for the game Stanislas Mettra stated in an interview that piracy makes a PC port a waste of time and money. Only a few days ago Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot claimed that 95% of people who play the company's games do so through piracy.

Perhaps the remaining 5% will make the port worthwhile…


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