Well not actually this picture, but you would mistake it. (Hey she did choose Democrat!)

Colleen Lachowicz was criticized in her campaign by politicians for playing World of Warcraft. The result seemed to have no effect on her campaign, if not positive. From an excerpt from Bangor Daily News:

“Gamers from around the world soon rushed to her defense, making more than $6,300 in contributions via the website ActBlue to two political actions committees that supported her campaign. Those donations prompted the Maine Republican Party to file a complaint against Lachowicz with the Maine Ethics Commission.

The commission determined Nov. 1 that Lachowicz, a Maine Clean Election Act candidate, did not coordinate with the PACs for the fundraising and voted 5-0 not to proceed with an investigation.

As of Tuesday, outside groups had spent more than $184,000 on the contest, according to Maine Ethics Commission figures. That’s the fifth highest amount of outside spending for a 2012 Maine Senate race, according to the commission’s data. Of that total, more than $81,000 was spent to oppose Martin.

Lachowicz outpolled Martin by more than 1,900 votes in Waterville. Overall in the district, she won by a little more than 900 votes.”

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