Sauropod Studio updated their Kickstarter campaign today with a new video demonstration that shows off some more of Castle Story's gameplay. The video and commentary explain how players can collect materials and build simple structures with their Bricktrons. After which they revealed some of the different types of Bricktrons you will be able to use to build and protect your castle; in addition to introducing the base enemy units, which are called Corruptrons. The video commentary described the Corruptrons as 'a more primal and evil version of the Bricktron.'

Three Bricktrons were shown which included the standard worker Bricktron, the warrior who can utilize a sword and shield, and wear a helmet; plus the archer, equipped with a bow and arrow. The team explained that 'it is not a system with classes, it is a system of items and tools', so when players assign certain tools to a particular Bricktron, it becomes a unit that can utilize those tools: 'the tools he uses define his tasks and abilities'.

Later, the video demonstrates some of the basic combat mechanics. Players will be able to assign specific tasks to Bricktrons when engaging in combat. For instance, the warrior can be ordered to stand its ground, protect the area, chase nearby enemies or merely stand by. The archer was also shown and was obviously more effective at range, becoming basically defenseless when an enemy got too close.

The complete video is available to watch below and if you're interested in purchasing the game and supporting its development, head over to Sauropod Studio's Kickstarter page, where you can also find more information related to the game and the team behind it.


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