PlayStation 3 premium members of Battlefield 3 can play the latest expansion to EA’s first person shooter, right now. Armored Kill features four new maps, including what EA claims is the largest map in Battlefield history. The expansion also boasts plenty of new vehicle unlocks, a new mode called ‘Tank Superiority’ and new vehicles including tanks, ATV’s, and mobile artillery.

It is odd that a certain platform (PS3) should be given priority over the release of this expansion. You would expect all premium member content to be made available at the same time but with Armored Kill this is not the case. Xbox 360 and PC premium members will have to wait until September 11th to play Armored Kill. Regular PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 users will have to wait until September 18th, with Xbox 360 and PC users getting the chance to play Armored Kill on September 25th.

Check out Armored Kill’s launch trailer for a look at the vehicle related mayhem you can expect to be part of.

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