The 2013 New York Comic Con Convention came to close this past weekend and the team from New Gamer Nation was there  in full force to take in all that this year’s convention had to offer. We spoke with the owner of Project Triforce, played Dungeon Defenders II, and got to see all the great Cosplay costumes. But, what had us most impressed was the job done by the team at UbisoftUbisoft pulled out all the stops to make sure they left a positive impression among all gamers.

Ubisoft had three different booths which provided each game its own staging area. Upon walking into the entrance people were met with a large stage, multiple TV’s, heart pumping music, models dancing, and announcers recapping to the audience what the professional dancers were doing. This booth was for Just Dance 2014. In addition to everything previous posted, the most interactive part was allowing the people to have a first hand experience at trying the game.

After visiting the Just Dance booth, NGN migrated over to the South Park Stick of Truth booth which was a replica of downtown South Park that we see on the hit animated series. Ubisoft went as far as placing Tom’s Rhinoplasty in the booth. Ubisoft lead groups of less than ten to a dark room where everyone was able to watch game play footage of the soon to be released game.

The last booth NGN visited was the Watch Dogs booth. This much larger booth was able to seat 25 individuals at a time. This larger space was a blessing for everyone who had been standing and walking around all weekend. Two videos were shown during the presentation. The first video showed the creative director for Watch Dogs addressing the crowd over a previously recorded video welcoming them to the show and giving them a rundown about what Watch Dogs is all about. Then the second video showed gamers what a full mission in Watch Dogs looked and played like. It gave everyone a real chance to see how the game would be played and whether or not this would be something they wanted to buy.

Ubisoft did a fantastic job this year at Comic Con and the staff looks forward to seeing what Ubisoft has in the pipeline for the future.

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