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So our Editor-in-Chief told me that one of the few things he wanted me to do was see a demo of Assassin’s Creed III.

The room is darkly lit, but has the production design of a Independence Day movie bar brawl.

They showed a big television screen.

I get to play on that thing right?

Then they had a woman who pretend it was Disneyland, despite the fact there was blood and violence in the game, telling us to blow into our free Tomahawk balloons at Comic Con. They told us to wave them proudly while chanting something whenever something they thought awesome happened. In the beginning, they showed Connor tree climbing before being stealth as is common in Assassin’s Creed games, before hunting deer. AWESOME. Being from an urban area such as New York City, no. But to others, possibly yes.

Then the demonstrator fought a wolf, some basic combatants, a boss, a snitch before blowing up a European camp and killing an Englishman with their own rifle. They presented the main quests, as well as interesting side quests that could be involved in the game.  The announcer also discussed how snow slowed down the player in the game.

And that was it. No playable demo. Ubisoft got audience to watch someone, who they could not watch play the game, even though they already demonstrated it at San Diego Comic Con. Yippee!  So there was not much for me to talk about regarding Assassin’s Creed III, especially the multiplayer that my Editor-in-Chief specifically requested!

At least I can give him three Tomahawk balloons.

At least it was not the Plants vs Zombies dunce caps at a certain PAX East.


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