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This episode we take a look at the Incredible Hulk originally released in 2008. This movie is a reboot of the Hulk franchise and attempts to bring some action to the otherwise boring Ang Lee Hulk movies. This brings us closer to how we feel the Hulk should be portrayed, and though Edward Norton doesn’t stay with the role, it is a fun movie to watch. Does this movie hold up or was it all hype and no delivery? Listen on to find out.

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  • DSB_IV

    From what you were saying about setting up Abomination for a direct sequel, I think it can work as it’s worked in the past with Magneto and the X-men films. Still, if they don’t use Abomination, they set up The Leader in that movie if they do decide to make another. Although I heard that technically Universal owns the rights to the Hulk franchise, so if there is another might depend on a deal.

  • Joe Marchese

    Its weird because they spent all this time to “establish” The Hulk and his back story, going as far as to produce two movies about roughly the same thing, and they are leaving him alone while all the Avengers stuff is going on. Hopefully, they get more into The Hulk, I’d even like to see the Hulk & Wolverine cross over stuff.