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New Civilization V: Brave New World Details Released


Firaxis has come forward and released a number of new and exciting details for their upcoming DLC pack for Civilization V entitled “Brave New World”. First, Brave New World brings the total number of civilizations in the game to 43, including Poland with the leader Casimir III, Assyria with Ashurbanipal, Brazil with Pedro II, Portugal with Maria I and the reintroduction of the Zulu civilization under the rule of Shaka.

Next the developer revamped the trade system in the game. The old system just gave cities on the coast more gold production under the assumption that they were trading with other cities / civilizations. Once “Brave New World” is released, you will be able to manually set up trade routes which will allow them to determine who they will trade with and where. You can also funnel resources to a certain city to speed production and get the edge over other players.

There will also be a new victory scenario which they are calling a Cultural Victory. To win the game using this scenario a player must construct several cultural building and structures that help spread their new culture throughout the world. However, you have to release literature, music and art to these building to allow your culture to spread more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, Firaxis will add ideologies to the game. Each ideology unlocks increasingly powerful abilities which help you achieve victory in a number of different ways depending on your desired victory conditions. These ideologies will allow you to change victory strategy halfway through the game while still maintaining the ability to win. Say you were going for a domination victory but your tech isn’t being released as quickly as other players. Now using ideologies you can switch to a cultural or economic victory despite all the work you did going for domination. Ideologies will be incredibly powerful to use and could mean life or death for your civilization.

The Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion pack will release in North America on July 9 and internationally on July 12.

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