Secret Ponchos is an isometric, twin-stick competitive shooter that debuted on the Playstation 4 back in December. The game is getting its first real content drop in The Hunting Ground pack, coming on February 17th.

The two new maps, Plaza and The Mines, will be free to all players. Two new characters, Gordo and The Wolf, will be available for purchase for an unannounced price.

Plaza is a smaller map based on a burned out Mexican village. Expect interior and exterior firefights. The Mines map is being hailed as “a vastly different experience from Secret Ponchos’ other levels.”

The best part of Secret Ponchos is the characters, though, and the two new ones look to be absolutely killer. Gordo is bearded, peg-legged, monster of a man with a gatling gun and molotov cocktails. Need I say more? The Wolf is a nimble character that rewards precision with her bow and “Wolf Stance” secondary movement mode.

In addition, developer Switchblade Monkeys will be adding a much-needed in-game tutorial and an improved practice mode with focus on characters’ abilities and special moves. There will also be numerous tweaks, both on the technical side and with character balance.

Switchblade Monkeys promises new information as we get closer to the 17th.

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