In a report from Forbes, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt suggested Sony had “promised” they would produce a revision to the Playstation 4 which will include 4K capability. The company believes both Sony and Microsoft will take part in a two year console refresh around October or November, which would allow for 4K video playback.

Aside from the lack of screens available to buy right now, there is also a dearth of set-top boxes capable of showing 4K HDR. Hunt said Sony had “promised” a hardware rev for the PS4 that will include a 4K video capability and that they would “expect eventually” for it to support HDR, as one example of where the industry will seek to catch up. But in the meantime any HDR TV will probably have a Netflix app built in, Hunt said, which solves the problem for now.

Both Microsoft and Sony have remained rather quiet on the subject with a spokesperson for Microsoft saying “We remain committed to bringing leading entertainment features and services to the living room. Beyond that, we have nothing to share at this time”. Sony stated “Support for high-resolution 4K output for still images and movie content is in consideration, but there are no further details to share at this time”.

Netflix began streaming 4K content in April 2014, and Amazon followed soon after in December, with “Ultra HD” 4K streaming through its Prime Instant Video service. Also, there’s no word on if the 4K capabilities will be added to video games but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

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